Stimulus Check Calculator (Dec 2020)

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How much money can you expect in your stimulus check?

Updated to include the possibility of $2000 per adult instead of $600 per adult as originally passed by congress.
Use this stimulus check calculator to figure out how much you will receive in your second stimulus check.

On December 21, 2020, Congress passed a $900 billion dollar stimulus package in response to the COVID pandemic. The bill authorizes economic assistance to Americans in the amount of $600 per person subject to income limits. It also includes expanded unemployment benefits, rental assistance and an extension to the eviction ban. This calculator helps you calculate the amount of stimulus check that you can expect to receive based on your 2019 tax return filing status, adjusted gross income and number of dependents under 17.

Changing the inputs to the calculator, will show you how your expected stimulus check amount will change. The graph shows for a giving filing status (single, married filing jointly or head of household) how the stimulus check amount will change as a function of income and number of children. You can share a URL with specific parameters included

Sounds like some checks may even get to folks at the end of December and many more will get them in January 2021.

Sources and Tools:
The stimulus check calculator is made using javascript and the plotly open source graphing library. It is based on news reports of the expected stimulus amounts and income thresholds.

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