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You can now play past NYT Digits puzzles at the Digits Archive and use the Digits Solver
Press the # symbol to see the solutions.

Please share Digits with your friends, family, colleagues, math teachers, students and anyone else you think might enjoy this math puzzle game

It’s great to hear from all the folks who have taken the time to play Digits and let me know. I’m glad that so many people are enjoying it.

You can still play the NYT Digits Game

Missing the NYT Digits game? You can still play it here.

On August 8th, 2023, the New York Times ended the beta for their Digits math game and the game is no longer playable. About a week prior to that, a friend asked me to create a clone of Digits so he and his daughter could keep playing together. I had never played before but tried it out. Not surprisingly, since I like games, puzzles and math, I found it to be quite fun. I’m always looking out for interesting things to make, so I figured it would be a fun challenge. I’d previously made some variants of the popular Wordle Game: Wordguessr, Tridle and Scrabwordle.


The rules for Digits are relatively simple just like in the NYT version. Each day you are given 5 puzzles to complete. Every puzzle has a target number and 6 individual starting numbers that you must use in mathematical calculations to try and create the target number. Each of the 6 numbers can only be used once but the answer to a given math calculation becomes a new number to use.

Once you finish one puzzle, you can use the tabs at the top to move to another puzzle.


You get up to 3 stars for each puzzle:
3 stars if you match the target
2 stars if your number is within 10 of the target
1 star if your number is within 25 of the target


Auto-Advance – Click on the gear to toggle on and off “auto-advance”. When enabled, the game will cue up the next puzzle if you hit the target.

Chainmode – Click on the gear to toggle on and off “chainmode”. When enabled, it will automatically highlight the answer from the previous calculation to be the first number in the new calculation.

Share – Share your Digits stars on social media using the share button, which will copy your results to your clipboard.

# button – clicking the # button lets you see the total number of possible solutions as well as the fewest and most operations that can yield a solution. This can bring an extra element of challenge to the game. See if you can achieve the shortest solution and then try again to achieve the longest solution. Clicking on the buttons reveals one of the solutions that have the fewest and most number of operations.

Hopefully you’ll find this replacement to the NYTimes Digits math game a fun and interesting game and improve your mathematical thinking. Let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

Why did the New York Times discontinue Digits?

I’m guessing it wasn’t as popular as some of their other games. Wordle and the crossword puzzle are probably the most popular. And they seem to be pushing their new game Connections as a sort of replacement for Digits. But alot of folks like math games so it’s a bit of a shame that they discontinued it, especially since it’s simple to learn how to play but can be challenging to get the solution each time.

Python code was used to generate the puzzles and the game play and visuals were created in javascript, CSS and HTML.

digits nytimes game

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183 Responses to Digits Game NYT – A Daily Math Puzzle

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you so much for continuing this game! I love it!

  2. Jo from SF says:

    This wonderful game is a highlight of my early morning! Fast and fun and just enough of a stretch. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Christine says:

    I was excited that the NYT digits game was making me flex my weak arithmetic muscles. I had only been playing for a few weeks when they discontinued it. So I’m very grateful to have discovered your game, and I look forward to it every day.

  4. Neely says:

    this is the best game ever it is so challenging but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun


  5. EssMae says:

    I love this game because it is very challengingbut also fun

  6. Brian Hayden says:

    February 13 2024, calculation #5 (target 430 from 1,2,3,4,24,25) was especially tricky! Feeling all ‘buzzy and floaty’ to have eventually got it 🙂

  7. Filou says:

    Thanks for keeping this great game alive. A few suggestions if I may:
    1. consider making a difficulty level available: low, med, high where low is prioritizing + and – operators, med – same as today, and high prioitizing larger numbers and the use of * and / operators
    2. consider adding a timer to the game: allowing users to click on start and recording the time to solve each of the 5 solutions, and providing also a total time for the game of the day
    2.a -> add a score based on the time taken vs the efficiency of the solution in terms of the number of operations performed

  8. Tam says:

    are you archiving your puzzles as well or just the nyt ones? (i sometimes dont get around to doing it daily, selfmade stress and such ;-))

  9. stockvc says:

    283 was tricky. 👍

  10. SAFIYA says:

    Thank you so much for making this.

    It is very much appreciated.

  11. M Alves says:

    With the new “See all solutions” button (great!) I wonder if you can take it a step further and include the number of solutions by number of operations in the shortest/longest solution buttons.

    Many kudos on your work for giving us the chance to play this game!

  12. cat says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! ugh i missed this game

  13. Jeremy says:

    For Nov 25, I can’t for the life of me figure out the how to get 482 from 3, 5, 9, 11, 12 & 15.

    • chris says:

      you can always look at the solution (click the # symbol, then one of the solution buttons)

      • Jeremy says:

        I’ve been playing this game since the NYT did away with their version but haven’t realized answers were provided in the two # options! LOL. It was the first time I could not solve one of the problems.
        Thank you Chris for keeping the ‘tradition’ and fun going! Much appreciated.

  14. tamwy says:

    you almost broke me with today’s puzzle :-🫠
    that one def deserves fanfares & a “CONGRATS🥳” animation!! 😅

  15. Davo says:

    feature request: add time to the share link

  16. Kat W says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to re-create Digits. It was part of my morning routine when it was offered by NYT and was disappointed when they cancelled it. I am not usually a math person and this helps keep me up on basic skills. My partner (an engineer) enjoys it as well. Cheers!

  17. Mark says:

    I really enjoy this puzzle and challenge myself to find the shortest solution, however today I’m stumped. Could you reveal tomorrow how 374 can be reached in two operations, it took me ages to find it in 5 operations. An archive of past puzzles would be great, particularly if you could go back and optionally see the solutions.

    • Robin says:

      Here’s the trick: 374 is divisible by 11. (You can tell because 3 and 4 add up to the middle number, 7. So it’s the end numbers times 11. This works for 3-figure numbers, as long as the 2 end numbers don’t add up to more than 9. But don’t ask me for a formula.) You have 24 and 10, which added together makes 34. 34 x 11 = 374. Two operations!
      I’m pretty terrible at math, but I do remember learning old tricks, like figures adding up to 9 being divisible by 9. For me the stumpers are the ones that involve adding and subtracting what seem like random numbers – which is the case here many times!

      • Mark says:

        Thanks for that, I can’t believe I missed it. I knew the factors were 2, 11, and 17 so I was focusing on 22 x 17. Never occurred to me that 11 x 34 was an alternative path. sigh.

      • Jen says:

        The 11 trick actually works for higher 2 digit numbers as well! For example, 11×75. Obviously you can’t put the 12 (7+5) in the middle, so instead you put the 2 in the middle and add 1 to the 7, so 11×75=825.

    • chris says:

      In addition to Robin’s reply, the boxes that tell you the shortest and longest solutions are actually buttons! And if you click on them, it’ll put the shortest or longest solutions in the operations area at the bottom (in green to distinguish them from your current operations).

      • Mark says:

        Thanks. I was running Safari and clicking those buttons doesn’t do anything, but switching to opera I see the solutions.

        • chris says:

          That’s very odd. It works on Safari for me.
          I’d love to figure out why it’s not showing up.
          Could you try emptying your browser cache and reloading the page and seeing if it works?
          If that doesn’t work, could you send more info on you OS version and Safari version?

          • Mark says:

            Hi Chris, I’m running a fairly old Safari. Looking at the javascript console, I gather the failure is because of solutiontext.replaceAll() not being defined. I know nothing about javascript, but from what I’ve read and briefly looking into this, the work around is to instead use replace() with a /g modifier on the regex.

          • chris says:

            Thanks, yes it seems like replaceAll is only in browsers from 2020 and later. I’ve found your workaround and changed those commands. Hopefully it’s working for you now.


          • Mark says:

            Thanks Chris. The change from replaceAll() to replace() fixes the solution feature on my browser. Thanks for continuing to make this game available to those of that got hooked on it earlier in the year.

          • chris says:

            no problem. glad you are still enjoying it.

  18. Kjersti says:

    I have Digits as joyful part of my daily routine, and I do send warm and thankful thoughts to youevery day! Digits is good for the brain. 💪

  19. Liz says:

    I’m puzzled that there’s no puzzle today. Hope you are ok Puzzle Maker. 🙃

    • chris says:

      There was a little mishap with the server yesterday. Try refreshing the browser or opening the page again.

      If it is still not showing up you might need to clear your browser cache or open the game in incognito/private mode so that it downloads the latest puzzles properly.

      Thanks for you concern

  20. Koko says:

    Today’s puzzle had a good hard challenge in it, the last one 455. I would love to see more of these challenging ones!! Thank you for doing this. It’s a fun game, and good for us I think!

  21. Lynn says:

    NYT Digits Archive? Wow, now we can access missed games or replay them. Thanks for reviving the game.

  22. Bradley says:

    Can you please eliminate the answers which can be solved in one move? That makes it too easy and yesterday there were two of them. That’s not really very fun. We need more of a challenge.

    Thank you for creating this game. My friend and I played it daily at the NYT and were sad when it went away so I’m very happy it’s back. I’ve just noticed over the past month that sometimes the answers are far too easy. The NYT version never had any which can be solved in one move (and few outside the first number which could be solved in two).

    • J. Maue says:

      I sense that some of these puzzles are designed to help some folks who come here brush up on rudimentary concepts of addition, subtraction, etc.

      Personally, I love to see a variety of harder puzzles mixed in with the easier puzzles. Very refreshing! And in general, some of these puzzles, here, have been waaay more difficult than on NYT!

      So Thx

  23. Kathy says:

    Hi again!
    I don’t know if it’s just me, or if this great game has made such a massive improvement to my admittedly very rudimentary maths skills, but it seems to me that the maths questions are getting much easier. I don’t mind the ‘easy’ ones being easy (I’m trying to get my 9yo granddaughter interested in Digits, it will help her with her homework), but can you make the ‘hard’ ones harder please? I really need the challenge! Thanks!

  24. Liz says:

    Very easy one today. Not complaining. Busy morning and it’s part of my morning ritual. PS: love the possible solutions feature, especially when I’ve struggled to reach one.

  25. Justin says:

    Hi! Thought you should know that the options in the Share menu aren’t persisting between browser refreshes. This isn’t that important for “Show operations” but for “Auto-share after completion” the lack of persistence in the option kinda defeats the point of it.

    • chris says:

      The game was storing these parameters to local storage when actually playing the game, so if you clicked the checkbox and then refreshed, yes it wouldn’t persist. I will modify it so it also stores when you click the checkboxes.

  26. Rachael says:

    I know the autoshare box was requested by another user but I find it very intrusive, any chance it can be removed?

    Thank you for reviving digits

  27. Alec Myles says:

    Thank you for adding the total number of possible solutions to the # display.

  28. holly says:

    I have been playing this almost since it’s re-inception here. I like the added shortest/longest solution details, and comparing my workings with yours. Again, I thank you and my brain thanks you.

  29. Justin says:

    Been loving this as well as all the enhancements you’ve been making to it! A suggestion – for the Auto-Advance option, could we make the Share menu automatically appear when all the numbers are completed?

  30. Williams says:

    Thank you for creating this! Keeping digits alive!

  31. Des says:

    A million thanks.. This is so helpful and we compete at home which helps develop our skills and keep our minds sharp. ❤️

  32. Twila says:

    THANK YOU! My brain adores the workout of digits, so I appreciate you keeping it going. How often are there new sets of digits?

    • chris says:

      You are welcome. There are new puzzles daily.

    • Ladan says:

      Thank you! I’ve missed this game ever since they discontinued it. I’m typically not great at numbers games but I did well with this one and am just glad there’s a version I can keep playing. Thank you. 🙂

  33. Ricardo says:

    Thanks a lot from Spain! I don’t understand NYT decision to quit the game. Anyway, your berdin if more challenging 🙂

  34. Mickey Bo says:

    You have lifted my gloom over the New York Times’ decision to drop Digits. What were they thinking? Well, I’m glad you’re thinking.

    Your version is more challenging than theirs. In addition, listing the number of steps involved adds even more challenge.

    Thank you! Thank you!

  35. Susan Crilly says:

    I can’t thank you enough for keeping this game going. I couldn’t believe when the NYT decided to end it. Nearly a month after cessation and I was still moaning about it’s loss when on Sunday my husband found you. I so look forward to playing it every day – really gets the brains going and the satisfaction on completion.

  36. DT says:

    Today’s puzzle. Get to 214 in three operations using only 3, 5, 6, 10, 20, 25 does not seem to be possible. It can be done in four

    • Jm says:

      Since it’s yesterday’s and therefore no longer a spoiler, I’ll try and remember my solution:

      25 – 3 = 22
      22 x 10 = 220
      220 – 6 = 214

    • Robin says:

      I got it (but I can’t remember how). This works: (1) 25 – 3 = 22 ; (2) 22 x 10 = 220 ; (3) 220 – 6 = 214. I bet there are other ways. I find it fascinating how many ways there are to get the same answer! And I like that for a hint, you can click on the answer and then only peek at the top line. I do that more than I care to admit. Cheers!

  37. Alec Myles says:

    Great to have digits back, just cross that I only found it today. Could you please include the total number of possible solutions with each game?

  38. Clare says:

    Another Aussie fan. Thanks for bringing digits back to my day!

  39. Yuki says:

    Bug report for the 5th puzzle on 9/2 is below. 6 moves calculated instead of 5.

    Digits 09/02/23
    Total: 15 ⭐s out of 15

    5: 467 (467) ⭐⭐⭐ ➕➖➖➖✖️➖

    Puzzle 5’s completed operations appear here:
    9 + 11 = 20
    3 − 2 = 1
    − 1 = 1
    20 − 1 = 19
    19 × 25 = 475
    475 − 8 = 467

    Thank you for keeping this game going! I play it with friends every day.

  40. Libby says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I loved doing my daily digits but more importantly it was a brilliant activity to do with my lower secondary school maths classes at the end of a lesson – I’d put the first screen up, they’d all be working it out on whiteboards, then the first to get a solution could go up to the board, try it, and advance it to the next level of difficulty for them all to try. I was resigned to learning to teach without it but have found this just in time. Bookmarked!

  41. DT says:

    2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 25
    using the above six numbers and by using add, subtract, multiply, divide cannot bring you to 467 on today’s puzzle

    • chris says:

      click on the # symbol and you’ll see buttons where you can see several of the possible solutions. There will always be at least several solutions to each puzzle because of the way the puzzles are generated.

  42. Paul Grové says:

    Thank you. Wordle is boring, it usually takes me less than a minute to solve. But Digits was challenging. I’d start playing, get stuck on something tricky, and continue with my work, and sometime during the day would suddenly see the answer. The move on to the next one. Glad to see someone has brought it back. (Even if its Python.)

    • David says:

      Try quordle, quordle sequence, or octordle, for more challenging wordle like games.
      why the reservation about python?

  43. Chris says:

    Fun game, thanks
    – Keep score of both the total number of stars and games solved
    – The solution – not for me, of course, but for those who can’t get to the exact number! 😉

  44. Kathy Napper says:

    Thank you so much! I really missed this challenging game when the NYT’s people made it “go away”. As a Dyscalculiac (is that even a word?), it really helped me to improve on my basic maths skills, so I am very, very grateful to you for taking the time and effort to reconstruct this game for all the Digits fans out there.

  45. Jess says:

    Literally a million thank you’s for recreating Digits for us; when NYT dropped the beta, I initially ignored it, having always been plagued with dyscalculia. Just another math game I’ll get motion sickness through…

    Curiosity got my goat, so I started playing out of boredom. I never conquered the harder puzzles in a set, at first, but over time, I found myself being able to recognize certain number combinations in a way my brain has never before been able to handle. Sure, I blunder my way to the finish line, but I *am* able to get there, a feat I’ve never been able to do before.

    My only request: can you make it automatically reset puzzle groups? Or change the difficulty? I dream of a world where either I can play more than per day, or have the option to make the puzzles harder.

    Or both, if you’re feeling generous with your precious time <3

  46. Cindi says:

    We really missed Digits and stumbled on your game. We play every night and are so grateful to you. Thank you so much!

  47. Liz says:

    Thanks for putting in the solutions operations. I love it that I’m always different! So many way to arrive at one point. Still waiting for the day I’m the same as the maker.

  48. Saru says:

    Wonderful game! Thanks!

  49. Pat Slaven says:

    Thanks for developing this puzzle.   I really enjoy the feature with the number of possible functions for the solution.  This is a great math/logic based puzzle.

  50. Arun Batra says:

    Thanks, for continuing this wonderful Digits game from NYT. I used to play with my son, and we enjoyed it. I am a Math teacher, and will be encouraging my Elementary school students to play this game, along with their parents, as it really sharpens their skills.
    Thanks again !!!

  51. Neal says:

    Thank you sooo much for doing this, I was working on making one myself after NYT pulled it down!
    A quick little qol addition that would be nice is an option to auto-proceed to the next puzzle once you get the 3rd star?

  52. Ryan says:

    My mother and I loved playing this game and comparing results on the phone every day. She was crushed when the NYT did away with it. Found this and I haven’t seen her this excited in years! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this 🙂

  53. Laura says:

    Chris, you are so responsive to everyone’s comments! You’ve improved the game those other guys abandoned and taken it to a whole new level! Thank you!

  54. Rob says:

    Digits 08/20/23
    Total: 15 ⭐s out of 15
    1: ⭐⭐⭐, ➕✖️➕
    2: ⭐⭐⭐, ✖️➖➖
    3: ⭐⭐⭐, ➕✖️➖
    4: ⭐⭐⭐, ➕✖️➖➕
    5: ⭐⭐⭐, ✖️➖✖️➖➕
    as you can see I got it out but unlike the NYT version it doesn’t show what the actual target number. Am I copying from a wrong point or is it just not set that way. If it is the latter, what are the chances of getting it sometime. Appreciative player.

  55. Kerr Livingston says:

    Thanks for a wonderful product and the ongoing development. It is great to be able to see the shortest and longest solutions. Can I ask if it can be put back behind the hash key as I enjoyed doing them with no hints at all.

  56. lynn baker says:

    Thank you but would love a solutions tab. I like the # button but would like to see the shortest solution.

  57. Liz says:

    Hi – so glad to be able to keep playing this. Thanks.
    Would love it if you had an “our solution” tab. I always solve the puzzle and only once had the same solution, and even then the addends were reversed. Also on my phone I can’t read the full sequence of completed operations as there’s an ad on top. Just feedback, I love this.

  58. Margie Ruth says:

    Simply thank you from Canada. An excellent, logical brain game and thrilled you’ve brought it back.

  59. Justin says:

    This game seems to occasionally generate unsolvable puzzles. Put today’s final number (475 from 2 4 5 9 11 25) into https://mocha2007.github.io/tools/nytDigits.html and it seems to be unsolvable. This never happens with the NYT version of the game, which seems to suggest that the generator for this version of this game might have some issues. Thought you should know!

    • chris says:

      The puzzles are all solvable as they are checked by the code when generated. The code in the solver you linked to doesn’t generate all solutions.

      A hint for the final puzzle: 475 is divisible by 25

      • Robin says:

        That one was very solvable – I got it in 3 moves! Was very proud of myself. But some of them can drive you nuts, especially trying to get the answer in X number of moves. I think adding Hints (optional click-on) would be a great idea.

      • Justin says:

        Ah, looked into the code of the solver I found and it looks like it was using a slow recursive solution and perhaps timing out on the frontend. Thanks for clarifying!

  60. Charlene Loughran says:

    Thank you from Belfast, played against my sister all the time, gutted NYT removed it. Thank you 😊

  61. Robyn A. Jones says:

    Hi, I am not American but Australian. I was very keen on the NYT Digits for the short time it was there. As I have the mathematical version of dyslexia I found it challenging but was able to get the solutions and graduated to getting it in as few operations as possible. My ability improved a lot as well as my confidence. A friend and I shared our results in friendly competition each day. So…
    when it ended I was gutted. Even more so because for some inexplicable reason she, (with no knowledge of computers at all, just played it on her phone)
    is STILL ABLE TO PLAY the Times version. I only found you when I was looking for a contact address to email them and find out why.
    If you know I would love to hear. I thought she may have actually found your game and just thinks it is the Times one but the puzzle for today is different. So she is not playing yours…I will try to convince her to, though. THANKS AGAIN!👏👏👏👏

  62. Ariella says:

    Thank you for the daily challenge!
    Btw I like the rest of your site too, wouldn’t have found it without the digits game

  63. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love this game and got addicted quickly. Thanks so much for making it available again! 🥰

  64. Robin says:

    Great game! Especially now that you have listed the least/most number of operations. But the NYT did give solutions if you got stuck. I get stuck when I try to get the answer in the fewest moves – I could spend all day trying! So how about it? Thanks!!

    • Owen says:

      Agree its a great game and addition of least/most steps something I wished was in NYT version. My wife and I used to compete each day so glad to be able to do that again. BTW the NYT solution wasn’t always in the least number of steps there were a number of occasions when we gad a quicker solution than theirs!

    • Jarod Charles says:

      I agree 🙂 I get stumped every now and then when trying to figure out how to do it with the least number of operations, and would appreciate seeing the solution as well. This feature would be much appreciated, even if it was a link to a static solution page 👍

  65. Clare says:

    Brilliant! Thank you! I was missing starting my day with Digits!

  66. Jen says:

    You’re the best for sharing this with everyone! I loved playing Digits and was heartbroken when it was no longer available on NYT Games. Your other games are fun to play as well. Thank you so much.

  67. claes says:

    Thanks a 1000*1000!

  68. Monique says:

    Just a simple thank you 🙏🏾

  69. Jarod Charles says:

    Awesome replacement for the NYT digits game. I’ve been trying to improve my solutions and got stumped in one where I was going for 3 operations instead of 5. Where can I find the solution?

  70. Abigail says:

    This is fabulous! Many thanks! The only feature I miss from NYT is that it would save my preference for chain mode. However, that is probably because I was logged into my Games account, whereas for your game there is no subscription required.

  71. Kay says:

    Thank you so much for making this you have largely 8 he old son very happy ☺

  72. Granny Irene..(Darlington, County Durham) says:

    Granny Irene (80)
    I hadn’t realised so many felt the same
    as I do about their maths addiction. Happy days are here again, says the song.
    So thank you ‘Digits’.

  73. Amy says:

    It worked for me once I had cleared my browser history.

  74. Katy says:

    Thank you for making this! Like so many others, I was sad when NYT discontinued Digits, and then yesterday I searched and found yours! Hooray!

  75. Andrew says:

    Not working for me either. Macbook with some anti-pop-up protection.

  76. Joe Corr says:

    I loved Digits and was dismayed that the NYT dropped it. It was a staple of my daily brain workout! Thank you so much for bringing it back. What time does it drop each day?

  77. Therese says:

    Thanks so much for this. I was so disappointed when Digits stopped. I love this game as part of my morning routine. I’m just having trouble this morning because it’s blank and no numbers are loading. Iscanyone else having trouble today?

    • chris says:

      Sorry about that. I was late in uploading tomorrow’s (for me) puzzle to the server. I’m in the process of automating the process of uploading the new puzzles. If you refresh the page, it should work now.


    So pleased to see this. Was sad that NYT one ended. Thank you

  79. Diane says:

    Thank You for giving Digits back to all of us who love starting our day with it!

  80. Ali says:

    Thanks so much for doing this – I couldn’t believe NYT pulled Digits but left the awful Connections – if you aren’t from the USA half the options in this are meaningless (but maybe they’re also meaningless if you’re American!) . But I’ve now got my morning routine back, which is great!

    • Shazz says:

      I can’t disagree!!! Mathematics are universal! Connections… too American, I never found just one set…. A pity but lucky I found this remake!

  81. Mary says:

    I am joining the chorus of grateful players, thanking you for making it possible for us to resume playing Digits. It had become part of our morning routine and we are so very happy to be able to play again.

    As a side note, as mentioned in an earlier comment, I am shocked that of the two trial games, only Connections has been retained by the NYT. I play Connections every day but often just don’t see the links – especially as I am English, so many of the references pass me by.

  82. Rob says:

    Thank you for making this, I enjoyed playing the original version and was disappointed when they discontinued it. Despite knowing little about web app development I was going to have a bash at making my own version but now I don’t have to face the inevitable embarrassment of failure 🙂

  83. Gina Lewis says:

    Thank you so much for creating this Digits game, it’s my favourite and was lost without it.☺️

  84. Peter says:

    Thanks from Scotland and a friend in Switzerland. Love the new # feature

  85. Jeanene says:

    Thank you for your work to clone this game! I know nothing about coding, so don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d love each level to be timed and add the time to the report.

  86. J says:

    THANK YOU! I was very happy to find your game. The NYT had a great game and then ditched it.

    My brain cells thank you.

  87. Marianne says:

    Thanks for your work, it’s great to be able to play Digits 2.0.

  88. Debra Croft says:

    Thank you so much for creating this game. My husband, daughter, and I have been doing the NYT puzzles every morning and were sad to see the digits game coming to an end. So we were delighted to find this replacement. 😊

  89. Jonathan says:

    Thank you for cloning Digits! I was saddened to see the NYT retire it, despite having a fanbase.

  90. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for creating this, a couple of friends and I were very sad to see the nyt game go. It’s a fabulous replacement. 😁 Linda in the UK

  91. Brian H says:

    I greatly appreciate your time and effort to (re)creating this fun puzzle. And ‘Hi!’ from Ireland 🙂

  92. Emma says:

    Digits has risen from the grave as Digits 2.0

  93. lynn baker says:

    Thanks for doing this. Love the new additions today.

  94. Sandy says:

    Many thanks for your work creating a replacement for nyt digits.
    I managed to use their version until yesterday by some strange glitch. So glad you have picked up the baton!

  95. K K says:

    Thank you so much!!!! I was hoping someone would make it possible to keep playing Digits. I love it as much as Wordle, and I think it’s a good brain exercise!

  96. Dennis says:

    Thank you so much for continuing Digits. I looked forward to it every day and was disappointed when the NYT decided to cancel it.

  97. Allan says:

    Thankyou so much you are a lifesaver I really missed this game . Tasmania .

  98. Cris says:

    Oh, my god, I LOVE YOU! Thank you realverysuper much!

  99. Chris says:

    This is fun. Thank you. I’m in Australia and there’s at least a couple of us who loved Digits.

  100. GB says:

    I’m so glad I found you, I was really missing this game, Thank you for sharing this. I couldn’t agree more with all the other comments.

  101. Andrew says:

    Thank you.

  102. Nick Davies says:

    Thanks so much for creating this – my friends and I have been missing digits, even for the few days it’s been down!

    A few suggestions, on the sharing output – would it be possible to include the target value for each calculation as nyt did? We also always get the answer correct so challenge ourselves to use the fewest operations as possible so if there was a way to add a ‘total number of operations used’ that’d be brilliant

    (personally I also feel stars should be given as 1 star if within 5, 2 stars if exact but not the fewest operations, and 3 stars if exact in the fewest operations!)

  103. Julianne Murphy says:

    Thanks for doing this! Love this puzzle game!

  104. Trish says:

    Yayyyyy! We were sad when digit’s disappeared, and you brought it back 🙂

  105. Nancy says:

    Thank you for setting this game up. Loved Digits and was sad to see it go

  106. barry john rigal says:

    I would love to see a version of this game where you were only allowed to use each math sign once. Maybe an advanced version?

  107. James Waters says:

    Really glad you’ve set this up – was missing the NYT one so much!

  108. Vinod Vaikuntanathan says:

    Thank you for creating this! Digits has been a wonderful pastime and bonding activity for my daughter and I, and we were sad NYT decided to pull it. I think it’s especially sad given the state of math education in our country and the ill-advised “reforms” being pushed in CA and Cambridge, MA. In any case, thank you again for doing this!

  109. Mary Nussbaum says:

    Digits had become my addiction. I saved it as a treat for myself after I’d accomplished my major tasks for the day. So disappointed to learn that not only was it not being added to the regular NY Times games roster but was in fact being deleted! You just made my day in bringing it back. Thank you!!!

  110. Bob DeLamaureny says:

    can’t tell you how grateful I am for this resurrection!

    One request; any way to mimic the old NYT share code that showed operation sequences*?

    Cheers and so many thanks!

    *so like
    1: ➕✖️➖➖
    2: ➕➕➗➖

    • chris says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added showing these operations as an option in the share window.

      Total: 15 ⭐s out of 15
      1: ⭐⭐⭐, ✖️➖
      2: ⭐⭐⭐, ✖️➕
      3: ⭐⭐⭐, ➕✖️➕➖
      4: ⭐⭐⭐, ➕✖️➖➖
      5: ⭐⭐⭐, ➕✖️➖➖➖

      • Peter A says:

        The update to include “operations” in the share-dialog is a great addition. Thank you so much for making this upgrade.

  111. Moose says:

    Thanks so much! This game is a fun way to spend a few minutes. You really nailed it with this version.

  112. NathanD says:

    Legendary! Thanks so much for recreating this classic.

  113. Kraig says:

    My 6-year-old son, his mom and I were so happy to find this online. We’d been dreading the digits countdown to extinction. Thanks so very much!

  114. Clare Mulcahy says:

    Hurray! I found you. Love digits and saved it till last every day, so I’m thrilled to have found its new home. Thank you!

  115. Yvonne says:

    Thank you creating Digits clone. I only had to miss two days of my fix. 😃

  116. Holly says:

    I am saddened, but not surprised, that NYT discontinued Digits and kept Connections, which is only good for people who know names of candy bars, rap singers, and the like. Digits is/was a great brain exercise for all the maths nerds out there. Connections is a trivia/pop culture puzzle; either you know it or you don’t, and is no challenge to logic or learning. My sincere thanks for making this.

    • K K says:

      Lol, I had the same thought. I am awful at Connections, but if you don’t know that junk, you just don’t know it. There isn’t really much of any skill. Is it even really a “game”? But Digits requires thought and helps develop skill and can be challenging. Great fun.

  117. LGB says:

    Thank you from a group in Australia!

  118. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for creating this game, my favourite 🥳🎊🎉
    It’s great to have it back!

  119. Kit says:

    Thank you so much for this. My aging mental arithmetic brain improved with Digits and sharing it was how my children and I connected every day. With your version, we can continue. I hope you can keep it up.

  120. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for creating this. You’re amazing. xD

  121. Christian says:

    Sad that only economic factors matter on deciding the faith of this game. Digits is a great game for kids and adults and is a good brain training game. Please bring it back!

  122. Eileen Lawrence says:

    Thank you soooooooo much for creating this!

  123. Jill Ann Mills says:

    So glad I found this!

  124. Donna says:

    Thanks for this! I’d be lost without my daily dose of Digits!

  125. Shelly says:

    So thankful to you for keeping this alive! It’s the game I saved for last every day because it’s my favorite❣️

  126. Jim Evans says:

    Thank you so much! I was devastated when I learned that the New York Times was ending this game. I love to play with my sister every day and it keeps us connected.

    • Julie says:

      Thank you so much for creating this version. I’ve been mourning the loss of Digits for a month and have only just found yours. My mornings are already looking much brighter again!
      NYt were crazy to drop theirs.

  127. Robin says:

    Thank you SO much for carrying on the Digits game! I am terrible at simple arithmetic – Digits makes me feel so smart when I win. Makes my day! Much appreciated!

    • RJ. says:

      From one Robyn to another, I totally agree on your comment. Mathematics is my weak spot and this gave me a real ego boost.

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