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Just added the ability to share a challenge link so that you and your friends can play the same word.

Wordguessr! If you want to play Wordle more

I made this Wordle clone in about a day after playing with Wordle for a few days. My wife and I were pretty hooked and I wanted to play more than once a day. It’s like a word version of Mastermind. I also thought it would be fun with words of different lengths, so I added the option for words between 3-7 letters long. Depending on the number of letters, the game feels very different. 3 letters is very short and it’s easier in some respects but you have to guess more. Longer words require much more thinking.

The rules of the game are pretty simple:
1) just type in a guess and and press ‘Enter’.
2) the game will indicate how good your guess was. If any letter are in their correct position they will turn green, if they are correct but in the wrong place, they turn orange, and if they don’t show up in the word they turn black.
3) guess again, using the clues from the previous word
4) repeat until you get the word correct or fail to figure it out after 6 tries.

I added the ability to create a challenge game that allows you to share a link (with a unique code) which will enable anyone with the link to play the same word.

You can also share your guessing results (not the answer) with a grid of boxes, like the original Wordle, as shown below:

WordGuessr Challenge
(5 letter) 4/6
Try the same exact puzzle here:

I wasn’t sure what how the original Wordle game handles duplicate letters so I made up my own set of rules for how it would happen. First, if there are multiple instances of a single letter (e.g. two ‘E’s in a word) and you make a guess of a word with two ‘E’. If one is in the correct spot and one is in the wrong spot, one will be green and the other orange. If both are in the wrong spot, they will both be orange. If there is only one ‘E’ in the answer but you guess two, one will be black and the other will be green or orange depending on its position.

Sources and Tools:
Obviously a big shout out to Josh Wardle and his Wordle game, as this is mostly a carbon copy of his game with a few additions.

I downloaded the most common words in English from the English Lexicon Project Web Site at Washington University in St. Louis. Then I processed these to remove foreign language words and other strange entries and split them into groups of words by number of letters using Python.

The game is created using HTML, CSS and Javascript code to create interactivity and UI. Thanks to my wife and daughter for beta-testing, lots of fun beta testing.

wordguessr wordle clone

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22 Responses to WordGuessr – a social Wordle unlimited clone

  1. Jah Neekay says:

    Thanks for this game! You should consider filtering out plural and past tense words (GILLS, DATED). Wordle appears to do this, and it makes the game better. Not wasting guesses on plural/past tense versions of a shorter word.

  2. Wordle player says:

    Thank you for this game! I had HOR_ES with possible unusued letters QWYJKLZXCVBN. I tried every one of those letters in the fourth slot — none of them are words. Then I tried H,O,R,E,S in the fourth slot — the word isn’t “HORSES” and none of the other letters are words — so what word is it?

  3. inka says:

    I dont see the share option: Where is ist?

  4. Lemon says:

    Thanks for this game! I love playing more puzzles. But my last answer was “podia” and that’s not a word in English, correct? It made me crazy.

  5. Evilhubie says:

    Excellent game! My feedback:
    – Cull the word list a little. There’s some pretty obscure words and also some trigger words.
    – Make it more clear what the word is when you fail to guess.

  6. Paul Brooking says:

    It’s a fun game but I’d question the value of a three letter challenge as it’s very difficult to apply logic. This morning on the “random” option I did my first three letter game. I immediately got *AT which left 9 potential answers but only 5 guesses and they can only be guesses.

    • chris says:

      Paul, I agree that the 3 letter game really changes the nature of the game. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For me, it’s a much faster game but there is some “luck” involved. Applying logic can only get you so far. Also, you probably got one of the two-letter combos that has the most possible variations.

    • Jimmy Wales says:

      It occurs to me that this kind of situation can be helped with a different strategy. Yes, you could guess 5 different times from the 9. But you can also guess something you absolutely know will be wrong to look for matches.

      In your example, if you have *AT then guessing ‘mop’ next will help to eliminate mat, oat, and pat. If you’re lucky it is one of those. If not, then you’ve now got 6 potential answers and 4 guesses left. (Actually my count of how many potential answers are left is different from yours, but I’m just talking about the overall strategy.)

  7. Jim says:

    Is there a way to see the solution if you don’t guess it by the end?

  8. Talpa says:

    Is it possible to create a similar word game using a custom word list?
    I have a group of friends that would enjoy playing a challenge together based on a theme.

  9. SnG says:

    Maybe there’s a clue…. You haven’t spotted the word…. 👏

  10. Karen Kjos says:

    I love this puzzle, but I’ve finally been stumped. I have a six-letter word that is missing two letters. So far it’s UNS__E__. The only available letters to choose from are Q, W, Y, F, G, J, K, Z, B, and M. I’ve tried filling in just about every combination of letters, but none of them are words.

    Is the answer right in front of my face, or is there no possible word?

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