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Over 16 Million games played! (Feb 2023).

Try playing my NYTimes Digits math game clone,
TRIDLE – Three Wordle Puzzles simultaneously and

Wordguessr – Unlimited endless Wordle practice

You can do your Wordle practice training here with unlimited attempts.
As my wife likes to say, “Practice makes ‘Pretty Good'”.

I made this Wordle clone in about a day after playing with Wordle for a few days. My wife and I were pretty hooked and I wanted to play more than once a day. It’s like a word version of Mastermind. I also thought it would be fun with words of different lengths, so I added the option for words between 3-7 letters long. Depending on the number of letters, the game feels very different. 3 letters is very short and it’s easier in some respects but you have to guess more. Longer words require much more thinking.

The rules of the game are pretty simple:
1) just type in a guess and and press ‘Enter’.
2) the game will indicate how good your guess was. If any letter are in their correct position they will turn green, if they are correct but in the wrong place, they turn orange, and if they don’t show up in the word they turn black.
3) guess again, using the clues from the previous word
4) repeat until you get the word correct or fail to figure it out after 6 tries.

I added the ability to create a challenge game that allows you to share a link (with a unique code) which will enable anyone with the link to play the same word.

Apparently, my site is unblocked on education websites (which makes sense since it has a lot of educational content), so I seem to be getting lots of traffic from Chromebooks searching for “Wordle Unblocked”.

You can also share your guessing results (not the answer) with a grid of boxes, like the original Wordle, as shown below:

WordGuessr Challenge
(5 letter) 4/6
Try the same exact puzzle here:

I also added the game stats which should persist across games and lets you look at stats for games of different word lengths individually as well as all your games.

I wasn’t sure what how the original Wordle game handles duplicate letters so I made up my own set of rules for how it would happen. First, if there are multiple instances of a single letter (e.g. two ‘E’s in a word) and you make a guess of a word with two ‘E’. If one is in the correct spot and one is in the wrong spot, one will be green and the other orange. If both are in the wrong spot, they will both be orange. If there is only one ‘E’ in the answer but you guess two, one will be black and the other will be green or orange depending on its position.

Sources and Tools:
Obviously a big shout out to Josh Wardle and his Wordle game, as this is mostly a carbon copy of his game with a few additions.

I downloaded the most common words in English from the English Lexicon Project Web Site at Washington University in St. Louis. Then I processed these to remove foreign language words and other strange entries and split them into groups of words by number of letters using Python.

The game is created using HTML, CSS and Javascript code to create interactivity and UI. Thanks to my wife and daughter for beta-testing, lots of fun beta testing.

wordguessr wordle clone

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120 Responses to WordGuessr – a social Wordle unlimited clone – Word Guesser

  1. lucas says:

    Thank you for making this!

  2. Nur Rafidah says:

    This is my first 3 best/favourite game thank you so much Wordguessr for making this game.I told all my friends at school to play this game including my teacher and they all loved it so they told the whole school and I feel like this is a famous game tnx.

  3. Louise Gardam says:

    You are a hero and a genius! You have provided much pleasure to many people! WELL DONE, Chris!

  4. David Rosen says:

    You mention being uncertain of the strategy that the original Wordle game uses for duplicate letters. I found a source that validates your approach. Grant Sanderson made a couple of videos about using information theory to solve Wordle. In this one (https://youtu.be/fRed0Xmc2Wg), beginning about 30 seconds in he covers duplicate letters.

    By the way, great job! Some features I really appreciate are being able to download an image of the completed game, and having the choice to get a shareable link with or without the graphics. Also, I’ve been reading the comments and I’m quite impressed by how attentive you’ve been to the requests and suggestions of your fans. You rock!!

  5. Cactus TheNotable says:

    This is pretty fun in three letter mod, I have over 400 wins in it my last game was
    1/6 word ION

  6. Stella says:

    This game is so so so fun but 3 is a Little strange 🦋🦋🦋

  7. Tom Brady says:

    Love this 10/10. I play this with my kids when they get back from school. We does tournaments. Thank you. Have a Great Day!

  8. camg says:

    this is such an awesome website, thank u

  9. camg says:

    this has greatly impacted my vocabulary, thank you

  10. colin says:

    i use podgy shunt flame brick

  11. Andrew Robinson says:

    Would you mind having an option not to limit it to six goes?
    Either unlimited, or to choose the number.

    Six is pretty arbitrary, and I’m not particularly bothered about “winning”, I just the like the process of thinking it through. Sometimes (not often) it doesn’t give me time to get there.

    • Gray Felstiner says:

      Solution-ability not a sure thing:
      I’ve recently switched my daily Wordle from easy to Hard Wordle. I had trepidations about it because, precisely as you say, you cana run out of possible winning leters to guess in six choices. I had 100% on your wonderful site until just now, when I found myself with only 3 guesses left and four possibiities: BINDS, FINDS,MINDS, and WINDS. I lost, because I picked the 3 wrong words first. Frustrating. Think I’ll go back to easy wordle, which is, indeed, too easy. (Jus finished a 100% year without breaking a sweat.)

  12. ariana says:

    i love but 3 word is little weird

  13. boiz says:

    This game is the best

  14. kevin says:

    pretty cool but when you fail a word i wish it would tell you the correct answer.

  15. vilis stomers says:

    I’m 78 and disabled. You did a remarkable job created wordguessr and this has provided hours of enjoyment. Please change the “start default” from 6 to 5. Thanks!

  16. UNicorn says:

    Many people have complaint’s about unnecessary things.

  17. kelly says:

    I use this with my class of five year olds – they love it! We use the three letter format, and it is great for them to try and generate words that don’t include the already played letters. PLus – most are english as a second language – so it is great for their vocab and phonics knowledge! Shared with my whole school – thanks

  18. kc says:

    hey!! absolutely love this game, my roomie and i are constantly playing challenge games. we love the new tridle mode addition and literally would give my life for you to make a challenge mode for it. 😀
    sending peace and love

  19. Michael Goolsby says:

    I love this game! its so fun

  20. the rock says:

    This game is awesome

  21. Agentgoose1234 says:

    Always use tubes

  22. Jah Neekay says:

    Stats doesn’t seem to be working for me, on any browser, desktop or mobile. Is it working for anyone else?

  23. Peggy Hoffman says:

    It told me “Andes” and “hijab” are not words.

  24. Lucas Carvalho says:

    Can you do it with a alternative database – so people that have a native language other than english can try it in their on language. We have a portuguese version of wordle, it has its own database hardcoded in the page files.

  25. Hi, is there a strategy for guessing the word if there are multiple letters that work? A few I’ve had are -EARS, -ORMS,CLA-S, and
    -ILLS. Several I’ve gotten the pattern on second try, but lost game because of too many options. The -EARS has 12 choices! I luck out sometimes but all my losses are these words. Thanks

    • Lucas Carvalho says:

      let’s say you know for sure tha word ends with EARS, and you know it can be (YEARS, TEARS, HEARS, BEARS). What’s the best approach? Try every option? No. You try a word that have a lot of the letters you’re not suspect of, a word like YOUTH in this case, if it results in a Y green, the correct answer is YEARS, if it results in a orange T, you know the correct answer is TEARS, if it results in a orange H, you know the correct answer is HEARS, if you have not a single coloured letter, MAYBE the correct answer is BEARS. But if you have only one guess left, good luck, my mate, you’ll need it.

      P.S.: it’s very uncommon, almost impossible, that you know the 4 last letters and yet have 12 plausible options to the first letter. To discover the last 4 letters, you probably have tried some words and discarded some letters, some options.

      • Lee says:

        In this example, I would try the word BATHS. This will either rule in or out the letters B, T and H. If one of them is used it will highlight. If not you know it has to be YEARS.

  26. Joel says:

    I find that when I try and type letters/press enter or delete, very often my phone automatically highlights the text on the button. I assume this is an artefact of how the buttons are designed – would it be possible please to change them so they don’t use selectable text? It’s really really frustrating because I play this constantly!

  27. LTT says:

    great site ! Feature request to black out letter in a pending guess if it was previously guessed and black … just as a duh heads up … really enjoying the game 🙂 Thanks!

  28. Pete says:

    Does the original Wordle use plural nouns and/or past tense verbs? Recently, with Word Guesser, two answers have been COONS and DICED. Any opinions on plurals and past tense?

    • Joyce Marlon says:

      I have not run into plurals or past tenses with Wordle, but I do with Word Guesser. With all the possible
      5-letter (or other) words, I think it is an unnecessary hurdle to the game. Please consider changing these
      parameters. Otherwise….so many plusses…love being able to binge!!!

  29. Palchan says:

    Can you implement a dark mode like Wordle has? Thanks

  30. Yaw V says:

    I just completed a seven letter puzzle in three tries. Does it get easier with longer words?

  31. mike hoover says:

    Dingle??? How is that a word? Aside from the odd word list, I love the challenge feature! Thanks for creating this.

  32. Daniel says:

    Please show the right word when we lose

  33. Simon says:

    I just got the word ‘betas’ after three attempts. Again, I’m dubious that this is actually a word in English.

  34. Simon says:

    I just got the answer ‘luger’ after four attempts. Is that really an English word? As far as I’m aware, it’s a German firearms brand.

  35. Karen says:

    Karen again. How can one view the answer before six failed attempts? I ask because after four plays I have TRA _ _ S. The remaining letters are Q, Y, U, D, F, G, H, J, Z, X, C, V, B. I can’t even come up with more playable words to try; therefore I can’t get the answer to reveal. The last time I was stumped, I was a new player and didn’t consider repeat letters. So what’s the obvious solution I’m missing this time?

    • chris says:

      no real easy way to get the answer without finishing the game. Looking through the word list, I do see one word that could fit the puzzle which does work with your remaining letters.

    • Arabiflora says:

      One way is to enter one of the same (wrong) guesses unltil you’ve exhausted your 6 chances and then hit “continue”, the target word will be revealed.

  36. Arabiflora says:


  37. JM says:

    Thank you very much for providing this great practice game! One thing surprised me, and I wonder if you are even aware of it. It may be that this actually derives from the WORDLE word list, however, you may be able to do something about it. I hope so, and I hope you will consider swift action. Here’s the problem…

    Although the word has been around in common parlance for ages, perhaps you’re unaware that “Gipsy” (or Gypsy) is a hurtful, derogatory term for a Roma individual and ought to be removed from the word list immediately. But don’t take my word for it (sorry). See:


    Thanks for your consideration!

  38. Micaela McCallum says:

    I’m hooked. I used to play hangman so this is similar. I like the mix of obscure, slang and commonly used words-it makes me think a little more. Thanks

  39. Hoda K. says:

    I like the unlimited play and the option to play other than 5 letters. Lots of competition out there, of course, and I like the double-word variant (Dordle) the best of the alternatives. Good luck!

  40. Mark says:

    Please add feature showing lifetime stats (games played, win %, current streak, max streak, guess distribution) similar to wordle.

  41. Simon says:

    After resorting to an online reverse dictionary to find a five-letter word ending in ‘la’ that included the letter e, I was not happy to find that the answer was ‘fella’. That is a slang word, which doesn’t seem fair.

  42. Tarun Trivedi says:

    1)Please introduce Resume function if forced to abandon temporarily
    2)Allow to change a particular word rather than the entire row for one change
    3)The game needs more stabikiy

  43. Lee Anne says:

    The following letters were correct: LO_RY. Options for the final/middle letter were; QIPDFHJKZXCVBNM. None of there letters make a word. I tried them all.

  44. Mark Roberts says:

    Puzzle solution was looses…there is no such word.

  45. Noah says:

    The word is “annum”, but it won’t let you play it: https://engaging-data.com/wordguessr-wordle/?challenge=vtg5

  46. Arabiflora says:

    Chris– Great Wordle clone, thanks! One feature missing from yours is a cumulative performance record. It’d probably be a PITA to implement, but would be pretty nice. BTW, NPR’s Science Friday did a 4 1/2 min piece featuring a psychologist an titled “Your Brain on Wordle”. Not terribly insightful in my view, but perhaps of interest in this venue. Link is https://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/why-we-love-wordle/

  47. Dallas says:

    Hi – well done on the game – we’re enjoying it!
    one bug to fix: I just did a game where the answer was “annum” but when I try it isn’t recognized as a word!

  48. Karen Kjos says:

    Karen here. Well “duh” is all I can say! I’ve since become a savvy seeker of recurring letters.

  49. John Doe says:

    I think the challenge link is broken. I generate a challenge and select start, but clicking the button does nothing.

  50. Simon says:

    There are two possibilities, ‘unseen’ and ‘unsees’.

  51. Marion says:

    No other words for acrid, cardi, caird or daric. There is nothing else.

  52. Jah Neekay says:

    Thanks for this game! You should consider filtering out plural and past tense words (GILLS, DATED). Wordle appears to do this, and it makes the game better. Not wasting guesses on plural/past tense versions of a shorter word.

  53. Wordle player says:

    Thank you for this game! I had HOR_ES with possible unusued letters QWYJKLZXCVBN. I tried every one of those letters in the fourth slot — none of them are words. Then I tried H,O,R,E,S in the fourth slot — the word isn’t “HORSES” and none of the other letters are words — so what word is it?

    • Simon says:

      The only words that fit are ‘hordes’, ‘hormes’ and ‘horses’.

      Here’s how I found that: right-click on the puzzle, click Inspect, enter the following code into the Console window:

      scrabblewords.filter(w => /^hor.es$/.test(w))

      It will output:

      (3) [‘hordes’, ‘hormes’, ‘horses’]

      Which gives the number of results (3) and which words matched the regular expression pattern “hor.es”.

  54. inka says:

    I dont see the share option: Where is ist?

  55. Lemon says:

    Thanks for this game! I love playing more puzzles. But my last answer was “podia” and that’s not a word in English, correct? It made me crazy.

  56. Evilhubie says:

    Excellent game! My feedback:
    – Cull the word list a little. There’s some pretty obscure words and also some trigger words.
    – Make it more clear what the word is when you fail to guess.

  57. Paul Brooking says:

    It’s a fun game but I’d question the value of a three letter challenge as it’s very difficult to apply logic. This morning on the “random” option I did my first three letter game. I immediately got *AT which left 9 potential answers but only 5 guesses and they can only be guesses.

    • chris says:

      Paul, I agree that the 3 letter game really changes the nature of the game. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For me, it’s a much faster game but there is some “luck” involved. Applying logic can only get you so far. Also, you probably got one of the two-letter combos that has the most possible variations.

    • Jimmy Wales says:

      It occurs to me that this kind of situation can be helped with a different strategy. Yes, you could guess 5 different times from the 9. But you can also guess something you absolutely know will be wrong to look for matches.

      In your example, if you have *AT then guessing ‘mop’ next will help to eliminate mat, oat, and pat. If you’re lucky it is one of those. If not, then you’ve now got 6 potential answers and 4 guesses left. (Actually my count of how many potential answers are left is different from yours, but I’m just talking about the overall strategy.)

      • C. Y. Hollander says:

        Agreed on the strategy, but as a minor point of interest, since vowels are going to be a bottleneck, rather than waste the M on “mop”, it would probably be best to use it for “cwm” one of the very rare words where W serves as a vowel.

  58. Jim says:

    Is there a way to see the solution if you don’t guess it by the end?

  59. Talpa says:

    Is it possible to create a similar word game using a custom word list?
    I have a group of friends that would enjoy playing a challenge together based on a theme.

  60. SnG says:

    Maybe there’s a clue…. You haven’t spotted the word…. 👏

  61. Simon Proven says:

    Hint: The letters already in the word can still be picked.

  62. Karen Kjos says:

    I love this puzzle, but I’ve finally been stumped. I have a six-letter word that is missing two letters. So far it’s UNS__E__. The only available letters to choose from are Q, W, Y, F, G, J, K, Z, B, and M. I’ve tried filling in just about every combination of letters, but none of them are words.

    Is the answer right in front of my face, or is there no possible word?

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