Financial Freedom Calculator (Multi-Period FIRE Visualization)

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This is an update to the Financial Freedom Calculator. That one still works well, but this version adds the ability to add multiple savings amounts representing different periods in time. This allows you to visualize your progress towards financial freedom rather than just giving you the latest value for your freedom date. It does so by showing different colors for the different periods (you specify them by adding different savings amounts and names). It should be fairly obvious looking at the calculator, but if you had a total of 25000 in savings in 2016 and 70000 in 2017, then your calculator is colored in two sections representing the freedom days you had achieved in the two different years.

Just a quick recap: freedom days are the number of days that your savings could support you each year. It assumes that you can withdraw 4% of your initial savings amount (based on the 4% rule). Once you achieve 365 freedom days per year, you are Financially Independent and do not need to work for additional money (as your savings should generate enough money to sustain your spending needs).

You can add up to 12 different periods (if there is demand for more periods, I can increase that amount) and do so by separating the savings amounts and names with semi-colons(;). See the default example with two periods, which provides the progress towards financial freedom over the last two years.
For more information about the freedom calculator, see the previous version of the calculator, read the instructions or feel free to add a question to the comment section below.
Click on the “Generate URL” button to populate the address bar of your browser with your current parameters so you can save and share your calculator with others.

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