Auto Manufacturing By State

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The US Automobile Manufacturing Sector is limited to a few key states in the United States

The data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s ( Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, which lists numbers of jobs by quarter for a number of different industries, organized by the NAICS codes.

The NAICS code for vehicle manufacturing is 3361 (Motor Vehicle Manufacturing). Motor Vehicle Manufacturing is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( as industry that is primarily engaged in manufacturing complete automobiles, light duty motor vehicles, and heavy duty trucks.

You can see that vehicle manufacturing in the United States is limited to a few key states in the US. Michigan is the traditional automobile manufacturing state though in the last few decades, other states throughout the midwest and south have started manufacturing vehicles as well.

Sources and Tools:

Data on auto manufacturing (and other jobs) was obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website. And the visualization was created using javascript and the open source leaflet javascript mapping library.

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