Elon Musk’s income is higher than 65 next highest paid CEOs

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In 2018, Elon Musk, CEO and not-quite co-founder of Tesla, was paid an astonishing $2.3 billion dollars in compensation by the company. All of this income came in the form of stock options, which can only be exercised if certain targets related to company performance are met.

This graph shows that his income is more than the next 65 Top Paid CEOs’ income combined and also more than the next 131 CEOs after that. This level of compensation seems unwarranted, even in the realm of typically excessive CEO compensation, since his company, Tesla, is not yet profitable. His income is listed as over 40,000 times higher than the median income of Tesla employees (~$56k).

Hover over (or click on) the bars to see the names, companies and income of the underpaid CEOs whose incomes are but a small fraction of Mr. Musk’s. To be fair, Mr Musk’s 2018 compensation seems to be an anomaly since his 2017 compensation was reported as under $100,000 dollars.

Data and Tools:
Data on CEO incomes from 2018 are from a New York Times article on CEO pay with data from Equilar on the top 200 paid CEOs. Data was visualized using the open source plot.ly javascript graphing library.

Elon Musk income

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