Bryce Love’s Awesomeness (updates 10/7/2017)

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I am updating the original graphs that I made of Bryce Love’s rushing awesomeness.  Bryce Love is still in a different league from all other running backs in the college football (about 250 yards more than his next closest competitor).

On Saturday, he had a very good game against Utah by most normal running back standards (152 yds on 20 carries and 1 TD). But in the grand scheme of Bryce Love, he had his lowest rushing total of the season. Still, he has now surpassed 1200 yards for the season (through 6 games), and still averaging over 10.5 yards per rush. And his 68 yard TD run was critical in helping Stanford beat Utah in what was a close game.

His rushing total now exceeds 104 FBS college teams.

I’ll keep this page updated to keep track of his Heisman runner up campaign (Stanford football joke, since they’ve had 4 runner ups in the last decade).  If he keeps up this pace, he’ll hopefully break that streak.


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 9.01.23 PM copy



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