Amenable Agreement


The parties approached an agreement when the New York Attorney General`s office announced to the court that they had not reached an agreement at this time. “They think gay men will be friendlier, more sympathetic to agreements they could create and stick to,” says Stacey. Feynman diagrams can be translated into geometric spaces that can be analyzed by cohomology. If your friends want to try skydiving and you like the idea, it looks like you`re jumping off a plane. If a person or something is accessible to something, they are ready, willing or responsive. The policy is potentially the friendliest in Pennsylvania and, even there, GOP legislation must follow. Despite his reputation as a ruthless practitioner of the war of attrition, Grant Fur Lee was available. Winds, lay everything else, are accessible to control if you do not know how to control them. It might have included graduates, maybe it`s a school district that has been very good at doing research, and then you take the results of that and try to get it to another place, that`s where that challenge happened. There was even work to make it accessible to industry. They are accessible to the law and must be tried by the same procedure as men before the courts. Females, when they are in a hurry to get out, do so much when they find the tube accessible to the process. Collins could be more friendly, however, after the November election.

Note that amenable often follows preposition which can be a barbaric means “controlled or influenced by something,” as in: “You are generally accessible to our desires” or “Your heart disease is elusive.” A friendly personality is open to influence or control and is willing to accept or give in. After all, many people would be accessible to the idea of an unconventional marriage, or perhaps even charmed. The question for Republicans is whether it plays where the public can do something like expanding Medicaid. I was quite shocked in general to see how friendly people were to change this very basic thing! Children are docile, obedient and caring and more accessible to religious principles. Perhaps BAE would be more friendly to reach an agreement and pay the billion dollars if the SFO offered them the contract to supply its office equipment in exchange. The disputes that arose in 1967 – the territory, the state, the security – were relatively consensual. I was convinced at the time and I am convinced that there were times when Marvin was very, very good at a better deal than what we got after Seitz`s decision. The strategy will be to stimulate crises that can be resolved through the transfer of resources.

My uncle, who was so friendly in most cases, proved inexorable on this point. Amenable is an heir to Anglo-French and eventually derives from the Latin minari, which means “threatening.” Since 1596, Anglophones have used it in courtrooms and acts of law with the meaning of “responsible” as in “citizens accessible to the law.” Later, he developed the meanings “appropriate” (“a simple function … perfectly accessible for the arithmetic of pencil and paper”- Nature, April 1973) and “responsive” (as for “mental illnesses adapted to drug therapy”). It also came from people who have a general propensity to be pleasant or worth life, like the Lord.

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