Archives by Month: October 2017

Steve Jobs iPhone introduction wordcloud

My latest “visualization” is a wordcloud of Steve Jobs’ keynote address when he introduced the iPhone in 2007. (more…)

Bay Area Air Quality from Napa and Santa Rosa Fires

The fires in Napa and Santa Rosa California have been burning for about a week and a half so far and these fires have resulted in numerous deaths (with many more missing), significant property damage (over 4000 buildings), and forced the evacuation of tens of thousands from their homes.  Luckily, these fires are mostly contained at this point with incredible work from firefighters and as well as from the weather (link to fire status on the CalFire’s websites on the Tubbs, Atlas, Nuns fires).


Bryce Love’s Awesomeness (updates 10/14/2017)

Here is the 2nd update of the original graphs that I made of Bryce Love’s rushing awesomeness.  Bryce Love is still in a different league from all other running backs in the college football (and now has almost 300 yards more than his next closest competitor, and more than twice as many rushing yards as Saquon Barkley of Penn State).